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the band has begun

Sturt students are in tune

This term Mrs Seaman and her eager band students began their rehearsals in the hall. What a beautiful sound it was that resonated through the school grounds. Students came flocking to the hall to listen and see the wonderful... Read more

First Aid Treatment Sticker

Communicating with families

As a part of our ongoing process to review and improve on best practice at our school, we will be trialling the use of the accompanying sticker to inform parents that their child has been in sick bay. This is a good way to keep... Read more

Opportunity Class 2017 applications

Online applications for students seeking placement in the Year 5, 2017 Opportunity Class at Sturt Public School are now open. Applications must be submitted by Friday 13th May 2016. Please note that no late applications will be... Read more

At Sturt Public School it is our desire that children shall do well. We provide an environment where children experience happiness and success, both educationally and socially. Promoting health and supporting student health care needs.